April 12, 2012



Marlyna was contacted by the Globe and Mail’s Wency Leung on how to incorporate Classical Feng Shui to add serenity and create a harmonious home. Some of the feng shui tips on customizing your space included:

  • Gather ideas
  • Add warmth
  • Set the mood
  • Consider scale
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Treat yourself

The article continues on to discuss creating a meditation space, and Marlyna’s advice on incorporating feng shui.

When designing a space, think of qi like a gas, she says. It needs to settle and relax before it’s distributed to the rest of the house. Long, straight corridors, for instance, are not good for qi, as it moves too quickly. Conversely, a cluttered entrance blocks qi and doesn’t allow it to move.

Please read the full article called “Chaos out, serenity in: How to create a harmonious home” on the Globe and Mail site.

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