January 3, 2016

How to Design Your Destiny and Create Success in 2016

A wise teacher said something years ago that has stuck with me ever since – “Suffering occurs when we are not in alignment with our Destiny”.

Said another way from my Feng Shui perspective, I say it means – “Success occurs when we are in alignment with our Destiny.”

I’m reminded of this quote as we have just entered a New Year and a time when many people make resolutions, goals, and plans for the coming year and their future.

Much of my work and teachings revolve around the idea of Designing one’s Destiny, so today seemed like the perfect time to write about it.

How to Design Your Destiny and Create Success in 2016

One of the forces that create Destiny and Success is Time.

The ancient Chinese Scholars studied time and created a calendar system based on Solar and Lunar patterns that look at the Hour, Day, Month and Yearly Energies.

Winter Solstice marked the beginning of the yearly energy shift from one year to the next, ending on Feb. 4th (the solar midpoint between solstice and equinox).

The Scholars observed the daily and seasonal and yearly lunar and solar patterns and saw they formed cyclical closed looped patterns.

They saw that these energies affected how we think and act in predictable manners. Essentially, time is not random. They saw that humans responded consciously and unconsciously with their behaviours and actions, just like the animals and plants of nature.

They discovered that the laws of nature predominated all else and how one can attune one’s behaviours and actions to work best with nature to create the best results. If we were to follow the biorhythms of nature, we would naturally sleep, rest, and plan during these long nights of winter for what the New Year would bring.

As those Scholars said – “You cannot make a garden grow in winter.”

Metaphorically – what seeds are you going to plant in the spring? What do you wish to harvest this fall? What direction are you going to put your efforts to reap the best rewards?

How do the Scholars perspectives on time relate to the year ahead?

Here’s what I see for 2016… Change is coming! Be open to the possibility of change because the year ahead may not look like you imagine.

My mantra for this upcoming year 2016 is “Be Open. I know that change is the only constant, and I work to embrace it.”

The last three years have been marked by predominantly Fire Energy and now we are moving into 3 years of Metal energy. The Monkey (2016), the Rooster (2017) and the Dog (2018) are all associated with Metal. This shift will have global as well as personal effect.

What does this mean to you?

The change can be dramatic or subtle. It all depends on the relationship of the Metal Element to yourself. You may decide to change jobs, move house or go to school.

If you are like myself or recent clients – you are questioning what you thought you wanted, liked, or is working for you. You have had a subtle shift in how you think.

Hence, my wish for you, my friend – BE OPEN!

Be open to being happy, feeling supported and having all good things in your life, AND be open to it looking differently than you expected. Be open to the Universe knowing better than you what you need to be happy and bringing to you in 2016.

May 2016 be a year of great happiness and peace for you!

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