May 9, 2016

Chinese Grandmother’s Laws of Life

Over the years, I have had many Feng Shui and Metaphysics teachers.

One of my favourite teachers was Lily Chung. In many ways, she was not only a teacher to me but also a motherly figure… in the form of a scolding Chinese grandmother!

Lily taught me the philosophy of life that she learned from the I Ching so that I could live a better and more successful life.

What’s the I Ching? It’s a very ancient Chinese book of knowledge.

According to Wikipedia, the I Ching is an ancient divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. Possessing a history of more than two and a half millennia of commentary and interpretation, the I Ching is an influential text read throughout the world, providing inspiration to the worlds of religion, psychoanalysis, business, literature, and art.”

The following list are “words of wisdom” from my studies with Lily Chung and all based upon her knowledge of the ancient I Ching.

  • Time is finite, but money if infinite. Use your time wisely.
  • Only look for the good in all situations and how can it benefit you.  There are always options in any situation.
  • The number one thing for healing is a good attitude. This is essential.
  • The better the luck, the shorter the duration.
  • Always show appreciation.
  • You can only succeed with one thing at a time.
  • Simple for me may be difficult for others.
  • Take hardship courageously.
  • More endorphins make you happy, in order to get more work hard (at life) and you will be happy.
  • Do not rely on anybody else to be happy.
  • Do not practice honesty with a crook.
  • Pay attention to nature.
  • Natural laws do not bend to anybody’s favour.
  • Keep moving forward, do not fight life.
  • Pray to your God.
  • You must set your intention everyday for what you want and need.
  • Always think about the other party.
  • You win 90% of the time using Yin force.
  • To be happy in order:
    • Financial security (food and shelter).
    • Good mind (attitude).
    • Do what God wants, obey natural laws (I Ching).
    • Follow a great leader (teacher).
    • Respect nature.
    • Know the universal plan (I Ching)
  • Health in order
    • Good energy.
    • Good attitude.
    • Good food.
  • On Marriage
    • Marry for convenience, not passion.
    • Mutual respect is very important.
    • A marriage must be of mutual benefit, like a business partnership. If there is no benefit to one or the other than the marriage must dissolve.

(Image credit:Kevin Schoenmakers)

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