May 28, 2016

Myths and Misconceptions: Just who studies Feng Shui?

“You’re a Feng Shui consultant? Really?!”

Almost always when I meet new people, they are surprised to hear that I am a Feng Shui expert.

And whenever I see the shock on their face I always think to myself… “what they were expecting, an old Chinese man in flowing black robes? Some new age psychic with a crystal ball?”

Last week, I did a talk for a local designer at her store Lison Art Furniture. It was a fun, intimate evening and I did a lecture with tips on how to improve your life with Feng Shui.

And right on cue, someone admitted to me that they did not expect the Feng Shui expert speaker to be a Vancouver-born, tall white woman with a deep background in psychology, philosophy and business.

I always laugh at people’s perceptions of what a Feng Shui expert should “look like” because I’ve seen met different types of people studying Feng Shui around the world.

So, just what kind of person studies Feng Shui?

Earlier this month, I spent 9 days travelling through the mountains of China on a Feng Shui study trip of ancient sites with the #1 successful Feng Shui teacher and consultant in the world, Dato Joey Yap.

I was one of 45 students from around the world who, not only paid for the expensive trip but could afford the time away from our busy lives to be on the trip. And as it turns out, I knew almost everyone from attending classes together previously in Malaysia. (that’s me in the photo above, in the back row with the grey hat)

So who were my fellow students? What kind of lives do we lead?

I think the answer will surprise you.

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Most of the people on the study trip were business people who study high-level metaphysics and Feng Shui.
About ½ were from Malaysia and Singapore and the rest are from Russia, India, Mexico, France, Germany, United States, and me (Canada!)
There was a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, a dentist, and an anesthesiologist.
There were architects and psychologists, restaurant owners, and housewives.

As a matter of fact, I think the majority of people in Asia who study Feng Shui and Metaphysics (astrology and date selection, etc.) do so to benefit their own personal lives and grow their business, and not to become a Feng Shui consultant.

Essentially, that’s how I started my Feng Shui journey too. I initially studied Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Metaphysics as a way to understand myself and my own life.

In my early years of study, I learned that working with and understanding the energy patterns of time and space were incredibly powerful tools that have since allowed me to “design my destiny”. Over time, my studies gave me the insight to understand the past, and with that understanding, I have learned to manage my future to the best of its capacity.

As my studies evolved, I saw that it is my path to bring Feng Shui knowledge and concepts to the western world. My life is now one of creating awareness of and improving surroundings; and in so doing, all of our lives are enhanced.

I firmly believe and know that with awareness comes choice, and with choice comes change. So many of my Feng Shui Mastery course students have created positive changes in their lives with the knowledge I’ve shared with them. It’s an honour for me to learn and teach the principles of Feng Shui.
~ Marlyna

PS: Studying and teaching Feng Shui has been a passion of mine for 20+ years. My students are often amazed at the in-depth knowledge they learn and how powerfully it affects their lives. My summer course students are amazing. If you’re at all interested, please get in touch. I’d hate for you to miss out.

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