January 28, 2018

What’s the process of building a new home with good Feng Shui?

So many new home builders call me “wanting to include Feng Shui” in the design and building process thinking it is to appeal to the Chinese buyer.

But, the truth is we all want homes with good energy.

In my consultation experience with real estate over the last 25 years, homes with good Feng Shui appeal to all cultures. They sell for 10-30% more and they sell in a shorter period of time.

Last week was a great example of this. I was part of the Feng Shui consultation process with 3 new homes that sold immediately upon listing for over asking price and two of the homes sold to non-Asian buyers.

What’s the process of building a new home with good Feng Shui?

To give you an idea of what’s involved, here is a general guide to the process:

Analyse the physical location
It starts with lot selection. Shape, size, slope, weather, and direction all factor into the analysis of what kind of energy is present. Here in Greater Vancouver, there are several neighbourhoods where land and house values are double and triple from other nearby areas. Classical Feng Shui principles explain why – the land quality and energy is superior.
There is a saying in Feng Shui that says 70% of the energy inside any home is determined by location. That means two identical homes in different areas of the city do not have the same energy! Part of my job is determining what kind of energy is present and then what formula determines the best design to maximise and tap into that energy.

Determining the best formula and Feng Shui principles to incorporate into the design
Based on first common sense and then land and compass directions, I use San He and San Yuan Feng Shui techniques and formulae to come up with suggestions and options on overall design, particularly shape, front door, kitchen, bedroom and main living room locations.

Brainstorm best possibilities
Sitting down with client and architect/designer and working back and forth on the floor plan.

Visit the site
This is to ensure correct placement of pins for direction prior to construction of the home.

Material/ Design consultation
Offer guidance on building material and interior design.

Landscaping consultation
Offer guidance on the landscape, water, pathway and major plantings – balancing Yin and Yang, directing Qi and activating with water in the right location.

All of my consultations include a follow-up.

So… is it too late to use and benefit from Feng Shui if you are already living in a home? No! Never!

The first step is an analysis of your current space. From there, we determine what are the best locations and directions that are practical to sit, sleep, eat and work from… very important as these locations and directions support your goals. We can also move furniture and use water to activate to support you to a better quality of energy in your life.

Good energy means more opportunities and support in all areas of your life. Not only the Chinese seek good Feng Shui – we all need it.

Notice… nowhere in this article have I mentioned lucky items or trinkets to buy. Real Feng Shui is about understanding the energy of your environment and using location and direction to tap into it.

Find the solution that fits your needs.

Consultations vary in length and time according to size, complexity and number of occupants.