August 10, 2018

Autumn the Months of Metal and More Metal: Monkey, Rooster, and Dog

Understanding time as well as space is an important part of Feng Shui. It is crucial to understand the relationship between time and earth, in regards to the growth and harvesting of food. From the earliest civilizations, careful observation of nature revealed that time was a matter of repeating cycles.  The Chinese calendar is a combination of the lunar and solar calendars. Observations from hundreds if not thousands of years have revealed that people are under the influences of these cycles. These cycles of time— like every other thing in the universe —  are explained in Feng Shui. They are understood in terms of yin and yang, as well as the Five Elements — all manifesting and expressing qualities and forms of qi.

Autumn Months of Metal

In the Five Element theory, Autumn and dry cool weather is associated with Metal. The months of the Monkey, Rooster, and Dog are all related to Autumn.  This year the lunar Solar month of the Monkey began on August 8th.    

Explaining the elements

The concept of the elements in Five Element theory is not to be taken literally.  In fact the word “element” is somewhat misleading. Each “element” represents a particular form of energy that moves and establishes itself in a characteristic way.  Each Element represents many things, according to the sphere of the universe and the aspect of life that is being considered.

All things related to Metal

In the physical world, the directions of west and northwest; white, grey and metallic colours; silver, gold and brass objects; round shapes, metal sounds (music and bells)—all are related to Metal.

In the human body, Metal governs the lungs and large intestine. Its sensory organ is the nose.

Metal emotions can be seen as autumnal. Romantic and sometimes sad, Metal energy is associated with wistfulness and melancholy. Positive Metal emotions are fairness and justice. Metal is associated with action and integrity.

Each of the Five Elements have particular characteristics, which all interact with one another, in particular, defined ways.  For example, the energy from the Earth supports Metal, while the energy from Fire controls it. Also, the energy from Metal itself controls Wood energy.

Is Metal good for you? That depends.

To determine what Elements are favourable for you, a Four Pillars, or Ba Zi, chart must be constructed. The Four Pillars are comprised of the year, month, day and hour of birth.  This is translated into the Five Elements. In Feng Shui, harmony and balance is said to bring a good life. When your chart needs correction, Elements can be used to help create balance.  At the same time, you may know intuitively how Metal affects your life (and your chart).

If the Metal Element is favourable for you, you will love Autumn. You will feel better and things are likely to go easier for you. You will feel healthier and the opportunities will come to you. If Metal is not favourable for you, you will feel more pressure and work harder with less results.  In Chinese medicine, it is understood that too much Metal can be experienced with skin, lung, sinus, or large intestinal problems. Remedies consist of either strengthening or weakening the Metal with colours, foods, etc. Another very viable option is to simply wait– take a holiday or lie low until the time period of the Metal season has passed. Of course, this is all very simplified, but you get the idea.  

Over the next few months, we will be in Metal time. Take note to see if you notice a difference. It is awareness and consciousness that create change. If you would like to learn more about how to construct a Four Pillars, or Ba Zi, chart, please contact me here, I’d love to help.


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