August 20, 2018

What Factors Influence Our Destiny?

Influence Our Destiny

Why where you live matters.

From a young age, I have always been curious about the factors that influence our destiny. As I navigated the world around me, I was attentive to the energies of my surrounding environments. However, I was still unable to fully understand how everything came together to shape our destiny.

One day, I came across a story in Chinese philosophy that brought upon great insight and enlightenment into my life. In the story, I was learned about how our destiny was influenced and shaped by 3 key factors:

1) 33% is what we’re born with

2) 33% is what we do

3) 33% is where we live.

Our Environments Should Be Like Fertile Soil

The environments we live in play a significant role in our lives. A seed cannot grow if it is not planted and cared for in rich, fertile soil. In the same way, humans can only thrive in environments that nurture growth. Nowadays, we are so blinded by technology, from iPads to iPhones. We are disconnected by our perpetual screen time, from the environment and natural energies that surround us. It is so important for us to take a step back from all these distractions. We must invest more time searching for environments that bring our best selves.

Feng Shui: A Long-Standing Chinese Philosophy

For centuries, Chinese people have passed down these philosophies, and have been using this science to live and navigate the world around them. These philosophies of life have enabled Chinese people to enrich and enhance their day-to-day lifestyles, bridging together what they do and how they live, with what they are born with. Feng Shui has been at the forefront of Chinese culture and living patterns for centuries, and it has only been a recent phenomenon for many Western cultures to adopt Feng Shui practices.

Misconceptions About Feng Shui

There are often misconceptions around the fundamental characteristics of Feng Shui. For example, lucky frogs and other trinkets are often generalized and misrepresented as symbols of “Feng Shui”. Instead, Feng Shui is centred on tapping into the energy of your environment. By tapping into this energy, you will feel restored with feel new energies and be exposed to more opportunities in your everyday life.

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