August 30, 2018

How the Universe Paved the Path and a Book Was Born

How the Universe Paved the Path and a Book Was Born

Have you ever had a moment where you knew that by making that decision, it would change the course of your life? For me, writing my first book was one of those experiences. I didn’t set out as a Feng Shui consultant with the intention of writing a book. I wanted to practice and educate others on it — but isn’t that what well-written literature is, in the end? Another form of teaching.  

In 2007, a client who happened to be a successful businessman who was taking my classes, encouraged me to write a book on Feng Shui saying he would publish it. Like me, he felt Feng Shui was something that was helping him in many aspects of his life and that the world would be a better place if this information was shared with everyone. If we could all understand how energy works — how we are all connected to each other in time and space — that everyone would live their lives with more conscious awareness, happiness and success.

How the Universe Paved the Path

The universe is always guiding us, and presenting us with opportunities, we just need to learn to listen. And this time I listened. A week after that inciting conversation, I was in San Francisco teaching a Four Pillars and BaZi class. I mentioned to my students that a client had encouraged me to write a book and one of them said, “I’m a writer and editor. I’ve got some time off coming up, and if you like I’ll come to Vancouver and help you with getting the book started.”

I was excited. The universe was giving me the green light, I just had to take the first step. In reality, the process of writing a book was one of the best and hardest things I have ever done. It took me more than three years, and three major edits. Each round offered a new experience and the process was amazing. At each step I had to ask myself: how do you take a conceptual ancient art that is mostly taught in an abstract way and create a document that is linear and makes sense to the Western Mind?

Well, I used that conceptual ancient art as part of my process, and the result was incredible.

The Miraculous Sequence of Events

I wanted to create a Feng Shui book with meaningful images and an Art Book feel — and that’s what I did. It’s amazing how it all came together! By putting my intention out there, the very talented and patient Tony Chan entered my journey. Tony’s family owns a Hong Kong-based publishing company that specializes in art catalogues and books. And so at every step and every time a so-called problem occurred in my path, I put my belief in the universe into practice and miraculous things would happen the following week. I would meet the next person who could fix a problem, the missing words would come to me, or another insight would appear. Because of that, I was able to turn my dreams into a reality.

Giving Thanks

I am so grateful to all the people who helped me put my book, “Do You See What I See” together. Bob, Sandra, Martha, Morgan, Carol, Ilona, Emily, Georgia, Ken, Ricki, Sue, and two important teachers of mine, Joey Yap and Lily Chung — together, we are more! Together, we created an Introductory Feng Shui book with the intention of teaching others about Energy, to be able to consciously choose to create and live in environments that support and nourish us to live better lives. Yes, together, we are definitely more.

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