June 10, 2019

Using Obstacles to Create Opportunity

May was the month of the Earth Snake (May 6th – June 6th), and being in the year of the Earth Pig as we are, last month saw the convergence of a clash, and in this case, the clash of two travel stars. What does that mean? It was a month of things not going smoothly. If you have travel stars in your chart as I do, May was literally about physical travel. However, hand-in-hand with travel is the clashing of the Snake and Pig energies, resulting in communication hassles and hiccups in the smooth flow of things.

Why Do Hassles Occur?

They happen for everyone. Little, disruptive hiccups. I recently had an emergency evacuation on the tarmac because of a broken fuel line. The good news: it happened on the tarmac. The bad news: it caused a six-hour delay in my travel day. But to me, that wasn’t a hassle. Not everyone views it that way. So why do some people have “good” outcomes from such an experience and others “bad”? When you understand the cycles of time and what the elements represent, you can work with them to create the outcomes you desire. By looking at the elements in the Ba Zi chart, we can see how an individual’s experience of a shared occurrence can have different impact. Five Element Theory tells us how the elements interact and what’s going on. I knew the month would be busy and I knew the outcome would be good, as the element of the month is favourable to me.
It Takes Hard Work to Make the Stars Align

Not only disruptive of sorts — and not necessarily in a negative context —but last month was also a very, very busy one for me. Not surprising as the Snake is the first month of fire, and first for me is what we call the influence element. While what made my schedule busy (being flown around to do presentations) could be seen as haphazard luck thrown at me by the travel energy present, it’s also the positive result of hard work designed to culminate during this month, which I knew would align well with the Snake.

The Golden Door Spa

I was honoured to be a presenter at The Golden Door, as well as speaker during numerous private sessions at this Zen oasis of 200 acres of beautiful Canyon setting. Operating in perfect Feng Shui, the Japanese gardens and buildings are in harmony with the surrounding rocky mountains — indicating that they’re not quite sentimental, but very spiritual. Even the spas are designed to allow energy to collect and slow down; it makes for the ideal spot to unplug, unwind, and recharge with Zen energy. How The Golden Door operates also made me realize even more acutely how important it is not to focus just on money opportunities, but rather the people; supporting staff and through that, the energy will inherently improve and open up to other positive outcomes such as money.

Looking Forward: June Month of the Metal Horse

While the beginning of a new month is upon us, we’re still in the peak of fire energy. This is actually great news, as fire represents happiness. Working with the warmer months ahead full of fire and sunshine, everybody tends to be more relaxed and happy.

The animals that are favoured in the month of the horse, are the goat, the tiger, and the dog. The animals that have a little bit less favour, if you will, are the ox, the rabbit, and the rat. I often actually have better results in months where the energy is less favourable because I’m more strategic. I have to be. And when I’m more strategic, I can make more opportunities happen than when things are just flowing easily. It all comes down to the knowledge you have to empower your choices.

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