October 9, 2019

Do you feel it? The energy has shifted as the month of the Wood Dog has arrived

Do you feel it?  The energy has shifted as the month of the Wood Dog has arrived (Oct 8).  The image associated with Wood Dog is one of a tree growing on a rocky terrain,  depicting an energy that we can all tap into, of independence, determination, durability, strong-willed and resilience.

This is the perfect time to move forward tapping into this energy and using it to propel you forward towards your goals. September was a month of strong emotions and feelings.  Old patterns and limitations have surfaced for many of us and are no longer comfortable to stay in. You may have been waking up at night with the feelings and thoughts  “ I need to change”, “I’m not happy”” and “What do I do now?”   We have been reassessing our relationships, our careers and work environments and all the areas of our lives that aren’t working for us any longer.

All year, but particularly in the last few months, I am hearing from my students and clients that they are waking up at night feeling restless, feeling empty and looking for purpose and meaning in their lives.

Inside the Dog is Yang Earth, a mountain.  Use this energy to explore your thoughts and take steps towards your goals you made earlier this year, especially for those who have been intuitively feeling that it’s time to make a shift towards awareness and growth.  While September was the month where a whole year of emotions and feelings of old habits and unconscious behaviours resurfaced, in not only yourself but in your relationships with others, we now can feel a sense of release from those emotions.

The opportunity this month is for us to reflect honestly and decide what small or big steps you can take to move forward and take action.  The Wood Dog month will support you to  get focused, find clarity, move forward,  meet objectives  and break through self limiting beliefs. Our opportunity is to see how we meet this energy – with excitement for change or resistance to something new? Or are you stuck in your old patterns, habits or triggered reactions? Or do you feel more solid, resolute and more spirited?

Of course, it may be time to consider getting an annual reading.  We all respond to energy differently.

“Where your attention goes, energy flows and results show”

with love, Marlyna

P.S. I’m off to Egypt for two weeks, so join me on facebook for pictures and insights of my journey.

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