December 11, 2019

It’s December, the month of the Fire Rat

On Dec 7th we entered the month of the Fire Rat.   The Rat epitomizes the peak of the Water season and it’s an important month in many ways.  2020 is the year of the Metal Rat and with this month, being the month of the Rat, the energy and influence of next year is ignited and already begins. Can you feel it? For some of you this is a relief and for others there is a sense of change on the horizon.

Regardless of how the year affects your chart, this is an important time to set intentions and actions that reflect your goals and desires for the coming year.

What is it you truly want to bring in or change in your life?  What do you want to attract energetically?

Everything has a vibration. Our thoughts, our spaces where we live, time and people.  The greatest positive changes occur when we are clear on what we want, work with our Feng Shui, and at the same time, take strategic action steps that support our goals.

Energetically, the Fire Rat is one of the most interesting pillars.  The image of the  pillar is of an eclipse,  the Sun and Moon appearing together in the sky.  The energy is uncertain, things can move either way.

The hexagram associated with the month is Nourish.  Key words are Integrity, Loyalty, Prudence and Restraint. The energy of the month rewards those who are  noble and kind and act out of integrity and sincerity.  Helping others is the message and it’s a time to seek insight and answers with spiritual practices that encourage connecting with the Divine and to seek answers within yourself.

How are you really feeling?
What steps can you take next year to move towards these goals? 
What is it that would bring you peace?  
What is it that would bring you rest and gratitude? 

The water Qi is very strong this month, and with this comes restlessness, strong emotions, and the urge to make changes in one’s life.

To truly benefit from the energies of this month be noble, do something kind for yourself and others.   The rewards will flow back to you in ways you cannot know.

My wish for each of you this holiday season is peace and happiness, good health, prosperity and loving relationships.

Sending love and light to all of you,


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