January 15, 2020

2020. It’s a new year, a new decade, a new beginning.

Manifest Your Best Year for 2020

May 2020 be a year of clarity, meaning, purpose, happiness and awakening for us all.

Astrologically, 2020 is a powerful year with some of the most life changing and transformative aspects seen in a long time. Whether you are looking at the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat or powerful aspects of Saturn and Pluto in Western astrology, the message is the same. All of us are being guided to bring closure to karmic lessons and open new doors.

The opportunities for growth are huge. The Key to Change is Awareness.What is calling you?  What is holding you back?

Be the change.  If you want love, be loving. If you want connection, be a connector.  If you want wealth, be giving. If you want friends, be friendly.  

What issues do you need to work on in yourself to remove the blocks to bring good things into your life?  What subconscious patterns are holding you back?

A journey of transformation awaits. The opportunity for growth and awakening is there for us all. This is the decade for great personal and global growth.  Old belief systems are being challenged and destroyed, making way for new ideas and new solutions.

Feng Shui and Astrology are tools that can support you. If you have studied or consulted with me in the last couple of years you will know that I have changed.   My own personal growth these last few years has seen me bring many modalities into my practice. What is your soul calling out to you?  What karmic lessons are you working through?  What personal growth steps do you need to create the change and find purpose, clarity, happiness and peace?

2020 is the perfect year to put actionable goals into practice and to take responsibility for the life you are truly meant to live.   Now is the time to align with and reclaim your birthright of abundance, juicy relationships,  good health and peace.

Love and Light Blessings,

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