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Influence Our Destiny

What Factors Influence Our Destiny?

Why where you live matters. From a young age, I have always been curious about the factors that influence our destiny. As I navigated the world around me, I was…

Improve Your Quality of Life by Joining us for Feng Shui for Life

The benefits that are possible to gain through Feng Shui are a fundamental ingredient for growth and success. Join me and learn more in my upcoming 5 day Feng Shui for Life!

VIDEO – Kan Yu: the Way of Heaven and Earth

Have I ever told you about my friends Connie Sanchez and Ricardo Peralta Castillo? They are fellow Feng Shui practitioners in Mexico who, like me, are students of Joey Yap….

Marlyna Los – Feng Shui Consultant

When I introduce myself out in the word as a “Master of Feng Shui”, I often get blank faces. Even people who think they they know the term Feng Shui,…

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