One of my goals in life is to learn all the modalities associated with Feng Shui. This includes being able to read, understand and apply all the formula embedded in the Chinese Compass, Qi Men Dun Jia and Xuan Kong Da Gua.
The subject content is huge and I understand now completely what Confucius meant when he said on his death bed,” If I could live another 60 years I would devote my life to just the study of the I Ching and Metaphysics”. As you will see below, I was blessed in 2015 with the time and means to take my studies to another level.

  • Studied Xuan Kong Da Gua online with Joseph Yu
  • May: Las Vegas – Studied BaZi with Sherry Merchant
  • Studied 10 Gods 6-day online course with Bernice Low
  • June: Malaysia, Mastery Academy – Qi Men Feng Shui and Strategic Execution
  • October: New York: Joey Yap Annual 2016 Course
  • November: Malaysia, Mastery Academy
    Qi Men Dun Jia – Warcraft
    Qi Men Dun Jia – Forecasting
    Qi Men Dun Jia – Sage Path
    Qi Men Dun Jia – Destiny Analysis
    Feng Shui Module 3
    Feng Shui Module 4 – Graduated with Distinction


  • February: Conscious Leadership Class, University of British Columbia (UBC)
  • May: Understanding Cultural Differences UBC
  • April: India to study with Sherry Merchant Xuan Kong Da Gua
  • Sept: Las Vegas – Advanced BaZi with Sherry Merchant
  • Sept: China – Feng Shui Study trip with Joey Yap


  • September: Travelled to India to study with Sherry Merchant
  • October:  Travelled to New York to study with Joey Yap


  • January to March: BaZi Modules 1 and 2 online Course with Mastery Academy
  • April – Travelled to Thailand for BaZi 5 with Joey Yap
    • Course included – Using Chinese astrology for coaching to transform lives
    • BaZi Financial Studies
    • Synastries: The BaZi of Personal Relationships
    • BaZi for Health Analysis
    • World Event Analysis
    • November – Travelled to Malaysia for BaZi Modules 3 and 4 with Mastery Academy – instructors were Joey Yap, Jessie Lee, Sherwin Ng


  • November 2011- I travelled to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to take Feng Shui Modules 3 and 4.  This was a 10-day class. There were 50 people in the class from all over the world. ; I was one of 6 to graduate with distinction.   This was the most difficult class I have ever taken. The days were long. The first few days were theory; the last days were site visits and test questions that went on into the hours of the night in our groups of eight, reading and reviewing formula and then relating this to our observations.  Joey promised me that I would learn to see Qi if I went to Malaysia to take this course, that he would teach me with his personal examples, and that he would show how Feng Shui is really practiced at his level. Joey delivered on his promise.  It is difficult to quantify how much I learned. I had already been studying Feng Shui for years and yet I felt as if a brand new door and deeper meanings and applications had opened for me.  It was very exciting.
  • October – San Francisco Feng Shui 1 and 2 with Joey Yap, Mastery Academy.
    I went to San Francisco to meet Joey Yap. I had for years been looking for a new teacher. I had heard of him for years but was not sure whether to commit to taking his classes or not. He is expensive and I have been disappointed before by Asian masters, promising a great class, charging a lot of money and then in the class having favourites and with-holding information. Traditionally the higher levels of Feng Shui and Metaphysical knowledge have only been passed down very secretly from Asian Master to the honoured family member or student.   Being a woman, Vancouver-born, non-Asian and someone who doesn’t speak Mandarin (I cannot read the original classics), I have been at a disadvantage of getting to the roots and advanced levels of Feng Shui.  This changed with meeting Joey Yap. He has the ability (it truly takes a special mind) to penetrate the messages embedded within the classics and he is teaching to those willing to learn (and pay) that knowledge.  Using Feng Shui knowledge and principles, he was a self-made millionaire by 26.  He is committed to taking the New Age and trinkets out of Feng Shui and to bring to the world the true classical knowledge in the field of Chinese Metaphysics and Arts. He is truly a phenomenon; he is the #1 Feng Shui Consultant in the world.  He has written over 100 books, he has over 300,000 Facebook friends. He travels the world offering his expertise and knowledge to the world’s elite, on personal, residential, business and large construction projects.


  • Online Four Pillars BaZi Ken Lai Course
  • Correspondence Joey Yap Mastery Academy Flying Stars Course



  • Travelled to China
    • I Ching Divination Methods with Raymond Lo in Hong Kong
    • I Ching Divination Methods with Prof. Wang Yang in Chongqing
    • Visited and studied Feng Shui in several other cities of China with various local masters.
    • Was honoured with the title of Master by two of my masters (note there is no governing body worldwide that regulates the use of Master. In general the term Master is used to distinguish a proficiency in the concepts of classical Feng Shui).

2005 – 2013

  • Read another 300 books on various Feng Shui topics (most were not that great, but you can always email me for a list of my favourites).

2000 – 2013

  • Studied with and continue to study with Prof. Lily Chung.

When I was in Italy I was in a class of 80 international students. I asked a few students who would you study with in North America? – the answer was Lily Chung.   Lily’s speciality is BaZi and I Ching.  I immediately went to San Francisco for a week of one on one.   Since then I have numerous times brought Lily to Vancouver for workshops, promoted her books and returned to San Francisco for more classes.  She has mentored and guided me for many years.  Lily Chung holds a PhD in Urban Geography and is the author of several BaZi and I Ching books.  We are now working together on a book to be released in 2014.

  • Studied with Master Joseph Yu in Melbourne Australia Feng Shui Master Course in Water Placement Methods and advanced Business Feng Shui (Sun and Moon Activation Formulas).

1999 – 2000

  • Travelled to San Francisco, New York, Italy and Holland, 6 module Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Course with Roger Green and Prof. Chang.   This course covered Form School; Eight Mansions – BaZhai and Ming Gua; Xuan Kong  – Flying Stars; and introduction to Chinese Astrology – BaZi.


  • Studied Eight Mansions Compass school Feng Shui and Interior Design with Victoria-based Interior Design Firm

1995 – 1998

  • Studied with teacher in Victoria BC Black Hat Feng Shui
  • Read 300 books on Feng Shui (Currently, I have read an approximate 700 books on Feng Shui. I believe I have read just about all the books that have ever been published in English that relate to the subject, I suppose you can tell I love reading).
  • Two online courses introducing me to the Compass School Methods of Eight Mansions

I decided to further my studies with Joey Yap in 2012 by taking his full Chinese Astrology course BaZi modules 1-5. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to understand the different viewpoints of my various teachers and decide for myself what interpretations to take. Joey separates Chinese Astrology BaZi from Feng Shui. The fields of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology are huge with several classics in each field. The original textbooks are written in Mandarin and prose, and as a result, each master has their own focus and particular area that they specialize in. There is much discussion and debate at elite levels of practice on the use of the Chinese calendar. The Chinese calendar is based on Lunar and Solar cycles. Lily Chung uses the Lunar Calendar, Joey Yap uses the solar calendar. I wanted to learn the validity of each system. There were 80 students in attendance at Modules 3 and 4, with at least 30 from various corners of the world; there were 35 of us who took the exam. Again, a very challenging and long 10 days, much of the teaching was directed to application in business. I learned deeper levels of how to use the effects and energy of time to our advantage for business and personal use. I learned in-depth levels of character and personality analysis based on the birth chart. I learned what people are best skilled at based on their charts, (research, networking, branding, performing, writing, etc.) I learned how to see what are obvious versus hidden skills waiting to be developed. I learned a pictorial method of looking at the birth chart and time; personally, I love this method.
Everything in Asian Metaphysics is expressed in Yin and Yang and Five Element Theory.  There are 10 signs that influence your life, Yin and Yang Wood, Yin and Yang Fire, Yin and Yang Earth, Yin and Yang Metal and Yin and Yang Water.  The pictorial method draws a picture of your life at any given time. Let’s say your chart is ruled by Yang Fire – the Sun; are you born at night or during the day – can anyone see you?   If you are Yang Metal, in order to become a sword you need fire to be forged. Is there fire in the chart?  Are you stubborn – Yang Wood a tree, or Yang Earth a mountain, or Yang Metal a sword? What is the temperature of your chart and hence life, is it cold or hot? What can you do to change these effects? Awareness is always the first step and Feng Shui and the right action is the remedy.  I love using this method when I talk to people about their charts and personalities and this effects of time, by determining what elements are needed to create harmony in your life I introduce them into your living and work space with Feng Shui applications.
And finally the best thing I took away from my classes with Joey Yap are the world class connections and friendships I have made.