Tarot – Your Soul, You and Tarot

Discover your Soul Card and Core Purpose in Life as seen through Tarot

Live Class Online Via Zoom  with Marlyna 

Discover your Soul Card and Core Purpose in Life as seen through Tarot

TICKETS $68   Early Bird  $38

“We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience”. 

The universe (our higher self) is always speaking to us. Are you listening? Are you ready to open the mind to see what the heart and soul want to reveal.  Tarot, acting as both a mirror and compass is a tool for guidance, healing and growth.

We all have a personality and a soul card in Tarot that describes our journey in this life and your soul’s overall purpose.  In this workshop we will be looking at your Soul Card. Your Soul Card represents your core, a deep trait that does not change. Understanding your Soul Card gives you valuable insight into your life.  Every card has positive and negative traits. By understanding your Soul Card, you have insight on how to embody  and activate your higher purpose and destiny.

The secret psychology of the world is awareness and with that comes empowered action.

Join Marlyna, for this fun and important workshop as she brings clarity, in-depth knowledge and a caring style of teaching.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to calculate your Soul card based on your date of  birth.  No Tarot deck is required for this class.
  • How to deepen your intuition by understanding the symbolism presented in Major Arcana Tarot Cards and indeed in life everywhere
  • How to embody your strengths and minimize your weaknesses as seen in your soul card
  • What is your best path of action based on your Soul Card
  • And more


SEPT 14th – 6:30 to 9 pm

Tickets $68/person

Early Bird Discount $30 off using coupon code SOUL2021  $38